Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Late but new cards

Hello everyone out there in blogland. I am finally posting some cards that I made. These cards were made for our monthly swaps, which I am embarassed to say, I was way behind in. I am trying my best to catch and keep up. These cards went postal to the November and December rainees. I don't have a large readership (I currently don't have one at all) so I am not worried that they will see them before they arrive. In the event that they do, I apologize. At least they won't know what color they

The Thanksgiving card uses a Magnolia stamp. I don't know what it is called. I wasn't thinking when I created the cards. I didn't make a formal "recipe" for making them. I tried to color them with copic markers. I can see I need a lot more practice. I tried a technique my sister suggested (I have to get caught up on the card making techie lingo too). I dabbed the cuttlebug folder with orange ink before running it through my sizzix machine to get the colored background effect. I guess it looks okay. One is different...can you spot the difference?

What does everyone do? When faced with a multiple swap, do you make all the cards the same or do you make different cards for all? Up until now I have been making them all the same except for different colors. I think I will have to change that. If I make each one different completely, I can use up more of the stamps that I have and I won't feel like I am neglecting any.

The Christmas card is made using a stamp from MFT. All four cards were the same, however the clothes were colored differently, as for the decorations on the tree. I don't think they turned out too bad. I didn't use copics on these except to color the flesh parts. I know I cheated. I would love to know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to have more to post in the next few days.



Danni said...

I think these are all cute. I can't stand to make cards the same so all mine are different.
You really should share more, these are cute!

Tricia said...

Your cards are sweet! Great job!!

Sharon Caudle said...

Very cute cards! I use that technique with my embossing folders all the time. Isn't it fun? Great cards!!

Monica said...

I love the praying Tilda! Great cards!! I also have this MFT stamp and love it's so me!! Great job on all your cards! You need to share more often!

Susan said...

Love them and you did a great job with the cb folders! I've got to try that. I love this Magnolia stamp. So sweet! And the MFT stamp is too funny! I love her! You did great with coloring and you should share more! We miss you!

Alexa said...

Darling cards Denise--love that image of Tilda & that's EXACTLY how I felt AFTER X-mas, lol!


Christine Riley said...

Gorgeous cards, so cute! :)
Hugs, Christine

ittybittyinkspotstoo said...

These are so cute! I'm not in swaps! LOL have a hard enough time making one of anything! But if I was...they would all be different. Maybe cuz I made 200 wedding invites! ALL THE SAME!
Great cards!!